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Paint Your Pet

Every few months, we hold a Paint-Your-Pet Event at Art & Soul! 


After registering for the event, you send us a digital photo of your

beloved pet.  We convert your photo into a graphic vector image

and pre-sketch your pet on the canvas. You do the rest under our

instruction. The end result is FANTASTIC! 


The key to making this class successful is a good, clear, up close, well-lit photo of your pet. This is very important! We need to be able to see the eyes, nose, body and other features clearly.  Also, a more traditional pet-type pose is better than an odd angle. Send a few shots if you want, and we'll choose the best one, and try to make the best decision on how to position your pet drawing on the canvas.  If you don't have any good, recent photos, then grab a camera or someone's phone and take some new ones! Just remember, if you're photo isn't good, your painting won't be good either.


First register online for the class. After you register, send us your pet's picture! Please label each photo/file with YOUR last name (not the pet's name) and a number to signify which is your favorite photo (if you send multiple shots).  The file name should read something like...Smith1, or Smith3…not  image.jpeg or a  generic camera label.


Email your labeled photos and/or questions to info@artsoulcreative.com.

Make sure you include your name and email address in the text of your email with the photos.


We look forward to seeing you. Space is limited, so reserve your spot today!


PLEASE NOTE: since this night requires extra time and preparation on our part, the cost is a bit more than a regular “Create-A-Canvas” paint night.  We do not accept any coupons or discounts for this special paint event. We're confident that you'll agree it's worth it! 



FYI: Please see photo samples below. The first two are examples of good pet photos, and the second two are not good examples of pet photos to use for the Paint Your Pet event.

An Art & Soul Special Event

Example of good pet photos

Example of not so good pet photos